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Wake The Dead

A mysterious mirror that causes the viewer to see what is on the inside, a girl in a lavender dress who haunts a bridge and a writer who goes to a reputed haunted house to finish her book and begins to experience the unexplainable. These and other stories comprise the collection of horror stories in "Wake the Dead".


To everyone on the North Carolina campus, Karen and Kevin seem the perfect couple. She is beautiful and charming, while he is smart and handsome. They are the kind of couple people envy and want to emulate. There is one problem, however. Karen cannot be faithful to her unsuspecting boyfriend. As rumors spread, people who interfere with the tumultuous couple are mysteriously and brutally murdered. Karen’s best friend, and roommate, Tina is privy to her indiscretions. Torn between loyalty to Karen, and a growing passion for Kevin, tensions mount between the friends. Can Tina keep a secret long enough to stay alive?

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